Friday, 8 April 2011

8th April- a day to remember

Today i.e. 8th April, 2011 is a very special day. Last year on this date I made a promise to myself. I would observe some people for a year to find out whether I am right in believing that I am merely a ‘use and throw’ or to some extent a ‘recyclable’ object!! & just after a year I am surprised to see that I was very correct.
In last one year so many things happened-good, bad and the ugly. But my position didn’t change. Last April I got a call (which is very rare) from a ‘very close’ friend to know his story of achievement. Later, I realized, it was to prove that even if we start from the same point, only intelligent & meritorious people emerge as triumphant!! After that call, I was simply rewinding and found since the beginning of his journey I have contributed too whenever needed!! Though, predictably, no acknowledgment was there. I didn’t even care as I believe friendship doesn’t ask for such minor details.
Few months later, when we have a talk again, I could clearly remember that I have told him, next year would be his only!! His reply was, ‘no, no. I am so young to be an achiever! ’ In between I had my stint of success(?) & failure about which he was least bothered.
For last few months we didn’t have any talk. Both of us were too much busy… Today evening, I saw something on Facebook, he is indeed the’ young achiever of this yea’r and have climbed up quite a few steps up in the ladder!! Hats off o his dedication and hardwork.I am immensely happy because my prediction was dot on but at the same time shocked too as because he didn’t pick up the phone or replied to the sms!! I am leaving aside that he didn’t even feel to let me know this great news!!
Still, I am happy for you my friend precisely for two reasons. If the first one is for your success, then the second one is of course for me. Surprised? I know I am a recyclable object… and my dear friend has again proved me right!!