Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Moments with IIMC


It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. After a long time, I got a Sunday which was minus the workload. In a way I was relaxed. As I was quietly spending this time with myself only, my mind started rewinding! And it’s IIMC only… campus, classes, invigilation, students, professors, colleagues and many others.

21st June 2009

First time ever I entered the campus of IIMC at the outskirt of the city. Though, didn’t take a stroll as I was there for a written test and an interview thereafter for the post of the TTA. Naturally very tensed, never ever thought of management, and my first tryst was with IIMC-citadel of management education. What I can roughly remember, I wrote the exam very bad (atleast that was not at all satisfactory to me), gave an interview which didn’t make me happy… so I was pretty sure that this day was my first as well as last day at IIMC…

7th July, 2009

It was drizzling. I was with my sister for her first ever class at college. It was a huge crowd outside as most of the parents or others accompanied their kids for the first day of their campus life. A phone call came from an unknown number, asking me whether I was at home. It was a call from a courier company to deliver an official letter, I asked him to leave the same with my father. Then the real surprise… as I opened the same after coming back, it was offer letter from the IIMC!! It was unbelievable… how could I be among the selected few!! History, Mass Comm, Media- nothing could make me a part of IIMC! I was so unhappy with my performance on 21st, how could professors like that…

8th July, 2009

I made my mind to accept the offer. That means I need to resign from ‘Anandabazar Patrika’ the paper where I was working as a sub editor for last three years. I told my boss about the development, he was not ready to let me go. I had a long discussion with him; he reluctantly accepted the resignation letter. Though I was enjoying the news, its fragrance, and its uncertainty until the last date…

18th August, 2009

After serving the stipulated time of notice period, I bade goodbye to ABP (though don’t know whether forever!!). It was a nice farewell and one of the touching moments of my life. I was such a junior, yet my boss and other colleagues (both seniors and juniors) made me feel so special… I don’t know whether I deserve that!

24th August, 2009

Finally, I joined IIMC as a TTA. So unsure about the job profile, colleagues and many other things. One of the major reasons, why I had joined the institute was to get opportunity to study. First day, as expected went in official work. Later, I was shown my office, which was my address for coming two years. All of my colleagues joined before me, so I was the last person to join. That time term I and IV were almost coming to an end, so for first few days I was jobless. Debarati (now an FP and one of my good friends ever), Deepshikha and Archana (both had left long before) were my first friends there, because of a very funny reason. All of us joined at a later date.
Initial days
There were only three PCs and 19 TTAs, so not even a scope of net surfing, twitting or face booking. That gave me an opportunity to know the campus…lush green compound, surrounded by trees, auditorium, Howrah Bridge, jetty-soon became part of my life. I simply loved the campus. Within few days I got my allotment list from PGP Office i.e. what were the courses I need to work with and who were the respective faculties. My allotment was in Communication and PPM group under three professors. One of them was veteran there; the other one too has spent a good no. of years at IIMC, and another one was very new, first time a course was offered.
Two of the professors asked me to attend the classes and one of them asked me to help him in academic works, but not to attend the classes. I started attending the classes, and the learning phase (both in terms of subjects and experience) began for me.

1st September, 2009

The first ever class I attended at IIMC and loved it, though the subject was completely alien to me. It was a PPM group paper taught by a very new professor. As it was a term V course, STEP students too were there, whose understanding of India’s regulatory environment was very different, thus created lot of fun and sometimes even confusion! Before this, I never attended any class with PPTs as I was a student of regular stream and chalk-duster was the mode of communication.

September 2009-June 2011

Work pressure kept mounting up, odd hour classes had been my regular routine, skipping lunch, running from Acad Block to NTB and MCHV to meet various faculties for academic purpose actually made me slimmer a bit :). I love challenges and can deliver on time even if there’s a huge workload, that might had been noticed, as the days and terms progressed, newer subjects came to me. I never had any term since December, 2009 less than five subjects and less than 14 classes a week!!
Still, I loved the job. It was a huge learning experience. Wrongly, I started feeling I am part of IIMC.(Why wrongly I would come later).
In between, for some reasons, a special bond had grown naturally with batch 46/16. Many of them started considering me as their friends and vice-versa, some of them sister. Many a times, I started spending my free time (which I barely got) with them in the campus. Parama, Drishya, Shelly, Amlan, Abhinav, Amit, Ankit and Shreyans to name a few with whom I was (and still am) in touch and close too. Though, getting ‘friendly’ with the students was seen badly by some and later a complaint was raised. But this much I can say with pride, they are real friends who stood by me thick and thin, which many of my ‘close’ and ‘near’ ones didn’t do.
Bonds are natural, that can’t be consciously made. So what I used to share with 46/16th batch, that was never the case with 47/17th or 48/18th. Though some of the students from 47th batch are my friends and I cannot forget the FPs with whom I spent quality time.

Special moments in Campus

I was lucky enough to attend IIMC’s Golden Jubilee celebration last year. As a part 50th year commemoration and Institute Lecture Series, I had the opportunity to hear Gov. of WB M K Narayanan, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Comrade Sitaram Yechuri and other distinguished guests from different walks of life.
I am happy that whoever faculty I had worked under, almost all of them wished to have me as a TTA again in their courses. I cannot ask for more. This was indeed a proud moment for me. A non-MBA, general background student with no experience in any MBA curriculum could get such an acknowledgement from the faculties of IIMC was like dream come true.
I can still recount the words of a very senior faculty of PPM group, who introduced me to batch 48/18th in his compulsory class of IEPH as, “a young scholar who assists me... She has more power than me & would help you too if she has enough time''. How much this had boosted my confidence I cannot tell, but I surely know it was the greatness of the professor, I don't deserve so much... I am honoured. There were many such moments with some other faculties too.
There were not-so-happy moments too. Some faculties didn’t even feel to say a simple ‘thank you’ after the terms were over, though I didn’t give any lesser efforts in their subjects. Some of the faculties made ‘mountain of a molehill’on some insignificant issues, some felt ‘reluctant’ TTAs should go and many other things. All of these have been learning experiences for me. I realised, giving one’s best is not always the best to the person you are working for. It had given me the opportunity to better my performance.‘
Among many spots, I won’t forget library, staff canteen, Machan, coffee shops at Acad block and at NTB and SBI Joka. In last two years I was a frequent visitor to these places.

4th July, 2011

This was a special day for me, nothing to do with America’s Independence Day. I had learnt the single biggest lesson of my life on this date. Before this, I had paid for trusting people, but this was much bigger in its reach. I called myself a ‘Use and Throw’ object, this name was again proved perfect for me.

22nd August, 2011

Another date I won’t ever forget. Again I paid for my straightforwardness and not being diplomatic. This day had made me feel ‘I am nothing but a useless contractual staff, which would only listen and digest, must not reply back!!’ That very day I realised, time has come to say goodbye to this august institute and decided to leave as soon as possible.

15th September, 2011

I tendered my resignation to PGP Chairman. The decision was not easy to take as I didn’t have any alternative in hand and whatever I earn I have to support my family. I didn’t tell anyone about this as by then (thanks to some great people on campus) I had become unacceptable & unwanted to all, mostly to my colleagues. But news of my resignation had somehow spread, though no one asked me anything!! It had become an open secret.

10th October, 2011

I used to go to campus on my own in the morning. On this day, I deliberately didn’t take the private bus but availed the Office bus from Gol Park, just to feel little special. While entering, I read the signboard, (which is little hidden by the trees) very slowly ‘Indian Institute of Management Calcutta’. I loved this campus more than anything else. So entering there for the last time made me sentimental.
Some of the professors asked me to stay back when I went to meet them to bid adieu. That made me feels good as well as sad. Good because there are some faculties around, who had acknowledged my effort and wanted me in the campus and sad because, I knew it was not possible. I wanted to meet all of my faculties on my final day, but that was not possible, but as a token of gratitude card and e-mail reached to all.
Students of batch 47/17th and 48/18th wrote me on my departure. I was touched by their responses. Some of my colleagues (TTAs) too were there for me.
Before taking the bus in the evening, I took a stroll from Acad Block to MCHV, NTB, Audi, New hostels, Howrah Bridge. Clicked some photos of the beautiful campus. Unknowingly, a drop of tear or two rolling down and I suddenly recalled 21st June, 2009; that day I came alone, in between 2 years 3 month, when I left, I was alone too.


IIMC is a great place to be in. I just want to remember the pleasant moments, because bad moments always get a permanent seat in one’s mind.

I cannot forget the colourful campus of winter with various flowers unwinding their petals, the divine rain which made the campus romantic and more lovable, those reptiles especially the snakes, with whom I had an uncommon friendship, school of fish on the upper layer of the water, chirping of the birds in the evening and L1, L2, L3, L4, small lecture halls at Acad block and NAB during the classes and invigilation. But more importantly IIMC as a whole- one soul called among so much diversity.

My best wishes will be always with you, may you celebrate 500 years of excellence in education like you are doing in your 50th Year. I am thankful to you that you had given me the chance to be with you for more than two years.

My biggest achievement I guess is students love me and at least some of the professors think me of a good TTA. A teaching associate cannot ask for more!

Cheers and Hats off!!