Friday, 30 December 2011

Please go 2011

Another year gone by. The new one is reckoning. With mesmerizing fireworks of Sydney Harbour world will welcome with colour & vigour 2012! Will leap year bring anything new for all of us? Well, that answer we will have on the 366th day i.e. December 31, 2012!

This is not a look back to 2011; end no. of articles will come on paper & TV to bifurcate the year 2011. Fear of Recession, hot debates on global warming, Anna’s action the fate of Lokpal , Sachin’s 100th ton & many more will be carried forward to the coming year too.

There are some events of 2011 which we would like to forget, and there are some which will be remembered for their brighter sides. So, no more discussions on the year that was, but the year through my eyes which might be very different from the general belief.
Personally I feel, this year was a very different for me. And If I have to balance, it’s a negative year, though in the long run the experience might end up as positive.

I have learnt some basic lessons and renewed some old ones. The first one is surely about trusting people. This is for sure, I won’t be able to trust anyone ever even if the person is really nice and wants good for me.

What are the lessons I have learnt in 2011?

-I must DELETE the word TRUST from my dictionary.

-I must not tell anything good/bad to anyone. Everything should be within me.

-If you are going through difficult times, many people will give you careful listening & later that would be the ingredients for juicy gossips.

-Social Activism, Citizen Journalism and many more are there to say that high & mighty not always win, but personally I know & believe, highly placed people always get the support even from the most unexpected quarters.

-If you want to fight against a person who is ‘someone’ in a given society, you have to fight ALONE.

-And above all WHO you trust is the Essential factor & I must admit I was wrong in almost all of my selections.

-Honesty, selflessness, diligence are some of the words which actually don’t exist anymore.

-Without evidence, even statements, a person can be pronounced guilty based on Assumption and prejudice only. The person must not be given any chance for self-defence. (Though Indian Legal System says something different- presumption of innocence or innocent until proven guilty, evidence, accused should get a chance to defend etc.)

And beliefs I have renewed? Those are quite a few in number.

-I am a Use & Throw object, sometimes recyclable

-Don’t keep any Expectation even from the closest friend/relative

-Self interest is the only factor in any given situation

-You have to be a good actor & diplomat if you want world beside you

-High degrees don’t make a person educated.

-I am a taken-for-granted creature

-‘Single’ means ‘available to all’ & married men are always ‘committed’ to their wives. Any problem arrives; single girl will be always ‘responsible’, even if she didn’t play any role in the problem!

-If you don’t compromise, you have to pay for that.

-“A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first."

There are many accusations against me, those are, I am selfish, I often forget those people who have helped me, and I always blame others for my own faults. I don’t know whether these are true for me, if so, I will try to change myself.

I don’t know whether there will be anything new in store for me in 2012.
I have a dream and will love to give a shape to that in the coming year. But as I believe ‘dream is a destination with a deadline’, so there is very little time left for me.

With lots of hopes and aspirations, I am welcoming you 2012 & a little expectation from you, I want to remember you as a positive year!! Frankly, I wish there wasn’t any year called 2011!!