Monday, 14 February 2011

Saga of St. Valentine

It is so much true that ‘Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.’ So people fall in love and very often come out of it. Through the ages the single emotion called love has been the inspiration for poet’s creativity, painter’s canvassing, singlehood’s panacea and couple’s headache. There might be many other micro level feelings associated with that. But in last few years Love has become an ‘ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses!’ Thanks to the Great Lover saint Valentine, suddenly his Love for a little girl (as the story tells) being celebrated all over the world.
The gentle feeling of Love has now become a commodity. It (Love) is wrapped in sweetness of chocolates, fragrance of flowers, sparkles of diamonds, tenderness of Giant teddy etc etc; Shops are giving huge discounts, message contests being organized, mobile service providers declared it as ‘Black out’ day for super profit- thus the ‘business of Love’ has become a multi-billion dollar market! Yes, Valentine’s Day is here again!! Markets at its best with lucrative offers for Love…
But the fact is, if you love someone from the bottom of your heart, if it is eternal, a-never-ending feeling of completeness, then it cannot be a commodity at the first place, can’t be a tool for consumerism! Have you ever thought, it’s a basic human emotion and it’s on sale!!
Personally, I never fall in Love per se. So to say, I don’t have any ‘Prince Charming’ in my life and I think I am blessed being single. Secret crush was (and is) definitely there, love for people is there. I feel for them, but for that I don’t need any special day to ‘celebrate’ my feelings for them. It comes naturally. All 365 days I have the same amount of love, concern, and care for them. I might be backward!! Actually I believe, if you love someone (not limited within man-woman relationship or bodily pleasure) you don’t need ‘luxurious celebration’ for that! It is often silent, unspoken and sometimes self explanatory.
Some feel love is all about getting physical. If you don’t touch each other (upto its sexual core) fulfilment cannot come. Sex, Lust is the gratification for love! Certain instincts might be essentiality for some individuals but Platonic Love is the purest form of love. Even without seeing each other you might have a deep feeling for a person. A silent look can speak volumes which thousand of kisses and passionate touch might not express. One of the positive aspects (or the only?) of Valentine’s Day is that it is encouraging Platonic Love too! The other form of love needs no encouragement, I guess!!
Give n’ take is the basis of Love nowadays!! ‘You are single, find your V-day partner’ too is in the offing!! Youths, especially those who are in ‘Love’ laments if they are unable to get an expensive gift for his/her partner. Great Show-(Off) business I must call!
If you have a very special place for somebody in your heart, do you really need a special day to express that? Market-statistics would say, definitely yes, but I know for sure, it’s not!! Love is eternal, tranquil. It knows no boundary. It has no limitations. Love, cannot be marketed, branded… As long as human heart bits, this very warm emotion will be there, even when there wouldn’t be ANY VALENTINE’S DAY!!

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