Sunday, 3 July 2011

Cyclone: The story of an Individual

Assumption & Prejudice are two deadly words in the English Dictionary. Actually this is what I believe. If a person’s act is driven by assumption and prejudice that cannot be good for anyone.
Just to share, I used to know a person who was in colloquial term can easily be tagged as ‘metro sexual.’ I was pretty open with him almost in every sort of discussions, but that can cause some heart burn in some other places, I never ever even think of. Not even once.
But my inability to understand certain indication of brewing storm actually resulted in a hurricane. Or should I call it a cyclone? Hurricane has a shorter life span than cyclone, so am attributing this as a cyclone.
Why it’s a cyclone? Because it has a far-reaching effect, the immense casualty, massive destruction and recovery (if at all) would take a long time and above all the people who are in face of it (here it’s in a singular term) is Helpless. So I am not finding much difference between the natural cyclone caused by the movement of the wind and the man-made cyclone caused by the movement of certain communication tools!
And this cyclone is based on Assumption & Prejudice. The assumption was that a particular person favours a particular person over others and the very assumption is based on prejudice of a third person. Deadly combination of this prejudice and assumption actually destroyed a firm base of professionalism & healthy working condition.
This is not like actual cyclone that after the rebuilding everything will fade away from memory, but actually this has a huge after effect: THIS CANNOT BE REBUILT. It would definitely fade away from memory of certain individuals who are not directly or indirectly hit in this, but the person who faced 4-fold attack from different direction, for that individual, this would probably continue to stay as ‘The MEMORY’ of a certain place.
Cyclone cannot do any good to anybody, but here the case is slightly different… It actually benefitted all other than an ill-fated individual, who is still in process to find out why of things!!

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