Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Close(d) Chapter

A confession.
Several explanations.
Pleading. Repenting. Crying.
A second thought before taking the final call. It could have been a different story, but forgiving is the best human virtue and the same was done.
This is just the prelude.

The second part is about forgetting. Long back, in a school text there was a piece called “The Forgetting”. The hilarious article catered around why forgetting is a good exercise and the best medicine for human brain. But in reality, one cannot forget everything even if one wishes to.
Many-a-times it happens that an apparently forgotten past becomes alive in the present context; things that were “conveniently forgotten” start occupying a significant space in different circuits under the title of ‘defamation’ and ‘mudslinging’.
Let us see some instances of slander and insult.
• Suggestions to modify the course content and inclusion of certain elements in order to make the subject more lively and enjoyable is considered to be a tool for “defamation”.

• “If there is no politics around, I think you will be the first beneficiary of it”- these words signify, not the belief of a person in somebody’s abilities, but his/her ulterior motive of maligning someone.

• Predicting almost the accurate feedback of a person, based on the observation of what that person is capable of doing, earns the predictor the title of ‘Octopaul’. However, later on as things take a turn, even the congratulatory messages start to be considered as a means to “pull him down” from his popularity.

• The one who listened to and followed the advice of a person in case of any difficulties has been called “two sides of the same coin”. Ironically, it was the same “coin” who categorically stated, ‘NO, THIS CANNOT BE… YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE’, when a nasty allegation against the same individual was raised by mystery phone call. However, the defender was held responsible for it later.

• A request for translating a text in the regional language to English is turned down because of one’s inability to read the native language. But the irony is, the person is most fluent in that language and has a command over the same.

• Several phone calls, sms, chats, e-mails and endless conversations were forgotten by both the people concerned. Likewise, presenting a ‘certificate’ to show gratitude towards the “most deserving” individual on a special day, has been easily forgotten by the addressed, and has been termed as mud-slinging.

• Social Networking is the best invention of 21st century to connect with people. But giving excuses regarding certain “technical difficulties” which cannot be solved from abroad, and thereby rejecting a friend request even after asking to send one was too insulting a circumstance to be forgotten, but the sender had to forget it for bigger professional interests; it was clearly demarcated that a non-branded object cannot find its place among the established brands; that would deface the bigger brands! Another big issue cropped up when a webpage was found in the name of a particular person. However, nothing malicious was written there and surprisingly, the person who reported it, was blamed to have created the page!

• There are certain talks for talk’s sake; Promises of foreign chocolates, treats etc. were forgotten as soon as they were made. It was evident that they were simply some casual words. A ‘mercenary’ can never share the same platform as the General. No General would devalue his status for an inferior, incompetent mercenary soldier

• A discovery was made, that even the official mails could be fake as no one ever ‘choosed’ a particular individual for any professional assistance, although evidences hint otherwise. And surprisingly enough, that particular individual continued to assist till ‘the relieving order’ came. Although, decision of ‘relieving’ was taken much earlier, the assistance was sought till the last moment without revealing the actual fact. Yet, the person was called ‘reluctant.’

This could be called a learning experience, the essential lessons being innumerable. Rediscovering one’s self was probably the most significant one. This could reveal the unknown mischieves, uncover the hidden malice in one’s self and make one aware of the degree of ‘immorality’, ‘credibility’ and ‘professionalism’.

It is very generous of the person to have allowed such an immoral individual to learn so many things, in spite of knowing the malicious intentions right from the beginning. Yet the incident is a ‘closed chapter and a small one’. But, this ‘Closed Chapter’ lingers on in the sub conscious mind and cannot be forgotten ever.This could continue to be a permanent tag with a particular place.

Everyone says ‘time is a great healer’, however, time can only help people get used to the wounds instead of healing them. Many-a-times a ‘Closed Chapter’ becomes a CLOSE CHAPTER.

Yes, this is indeed a CLOSE(D) CHAPTER.

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