Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ordeal of being a Woman

The opening line of the conversation was “… I strongly believe my husband is the only person who can touch me or so to say I would allow that person only for any kind of physical contact…”. The listener on the other side of the table interrupted the speaker in between, “…unless you also like the person who wants to touch you…” At that point of time the speaker said, even if that’s the case, no physical contact please!!
Dear readers don’t draw your conclusion at once; kindly bear with me for some more time.
The conversation was between a senior colleague and a junior one. The junior colleague had been ‘harassed’ by one of her senior colleagues & to get the right direction she stated the whole thing to another of her senior colleagues who happened to be a male. The explanation by the male colleague was “it is rampant in work place, many of the employees might approve of this situation… avoid that person at your best and what I believe you must have misunderstood him.” Naturally, that girl didn’t get any justice in this issue and had to settle everything ‘amicably’ and forced to believe “it was just a touch for consolation, no other intention was there”.
The second incident is followed by this one. Within few months, that junior colleague’s character has been questioned, morality was raped and expectedly she had not been given any chance to defend her. And who was responsible for this, no one but that senior colleague who knew the previous incident. Just for his own benefit he didn’t waste to take the route of character assassination. The girl didn’t continue there as she was mentally destroyed & was tired fighting a lone battle.
The essential lessons from these are, girls are always vulnerable & targeted.
Now we are shedding tears for baby Afreen and want to give the cruelest punishment to her father, who didn’t even deserve to be called a ‘human being’, but unfortunately in every parts of this country, be it rural or urban, this is a regular phenomenon, most of the stories are buried deep under.
In name of honour killing, innocent girls are killed mercilessly. Khap Panchayats are giving the verdict in this regard and without a word of protest rest of the people are accepting and following their dictum. Less we talk about infanticide, better for India as well as Bharat which boasts of being a super power!
Girls are not safe any where, be it home, on street, work place; name it you will get several examples to justify your points. At home she gets abused in various ways; many times she has to accept ‘being a girl is a sin’. On street, some jobless youth and some frustrated men want to fulfill their sexual strive by eve-teasing or harassing them and at work place if one doesn’t agree to be office spouse, she always faces the consequence (though sometimes girls themselves approach mostly to their seniors for easy promotions.) Single girls are the easiest victim and soft targets if she is of marriageable age. Men, mostly married, would show their ‘commitment’ to their families and would frame the girl, if she doesn’t agree with him. Actually these ‘wife-lovers’ are nothing but perverted souls who needs a ‘partner’ outside of his home to satisfy his lust & desire and they believe ‘single’ means ‘available on the bed’…
Can we really say India is changing? There might be some examples where women are super achievers, but what is the percentage of that success? Indian patriarchy still believes and spread, girls are ‘burden’ girls means ‘dowry’ etc, educating them is a futile exercise, if girls are not married within a particular age she will ‘bring down her family status’!!
‘Rising India’ is ‘advancing’ with this baggage. No one questions, those who question, they cannot change and those who can change they won’t do.
Let me go back to the conversation I have referred to. Had the last sentence been different (read yes, if there is mutual likings for each other, physical contact is welcome) that junior might not (won’t have faced) face some of the consequences…
So, girls/women are still nothing but an object for play, pleasure and…
Women are bearing for more than a century, degree might be different, but the status remains same.. so in no time explosion has to happen.. not the ‘feminist’ explosion but for ‘equality’ in the real sense of the term!!

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