Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Economics Vs. Politics: Didi's Way

It’s again Politics versus Economics. Experts would call it ‘bad politics, good economics’ but there is a huge mass, known as the backbone of Indian democracy will cheer the decision of Mamata Banerjee- to pull out from UPA II on Friday, if her demands of diesel price & LPG price rollback is not met. Manmohan Singh government has to say ‘No’ to FDI in multi-brand retail! Mamata loves to portray herself as a ‘messiah of the poor’ and her line of action in withdrawing support from UPA II is completely in sync with her image. But at the same time Mamata is a shrewd politician, she knows her arithmetic well. So she has deliberately kept an `escape route’ till Friday. What could be the possible calculation for this? Mamata clearly knows where she is standing and making this gesture at this point in time will make congress panicky & will increase her value in the national politics! Congress will try to reach to her through a heavyweight leader, and even if there is a tiny rollback on increased prices, she would agree to stay back in the UPA II, may be by providing with outside support only. At present, she wants to buy time only. Two messages emerge out of this. If there is a Mid Term poll, Trinamool Congress will come with more strength. Though, in West Bengal her government is facing major criticism for various reasons, but those `anger’ is not enough for the Left to regain their previous status. Going to Loksabha poll in early 2013 means, TMC will call the shots to a large extent in the centre! She wants to make her presence felt in the centre. If Mamata comes out of UPA II, how could Congress continue in state assembly? This is also a question of ego. Congress, in past few months, too have threatened to withdraw support from the government, she didn’t bother to care as TMC on its own have 2/3rd majority! This is a message for Left as well. Left is again trying to reconnect with the poor by going to the roots. Mamata hampers their plan in a small way by this gesture. UPA II, which could be nicknamed as ‘SCAMmohan Singh Government’ is in trouble for various corruptions. The scams are coming out like gushing soda. Finding the opportune moment, big, small, tiny allies are playing their cards which make Congress blink first! It is said, economics always takes a backseat in political crisis. Reform is best option in single party rule, not an ideal one for coalition government. Seeing Mamata’s gesture, Lalu, Nitish, Thackerays all have congratulated her and extended a warm hand. Three-day is a big time in Indian politics. Let see who emerges as the winner, Manmohan Singh, the Finance Minister, 1991 or the Manhmohan Singh, the Prime Minister in this Great Indian Tamasha!

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