Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Great Indian Tamasha circa 2014

The biggest powerhouse of democracy is here. To many, this is India’s watershed election. But I differ with this coinage. Why is this election being termed as paradigm shift or watershed? I am not seeing anything new in this election season. The same old political rivalry, nasty exchange of words among the political leaders, campaigning with grand hue and colour, some promises which are never to be kept and some later entrants, for last minute benefit. So what’s new in this vote? Many argue, Modi Wave is something phenomenon. But it’s not unusual. Let’s look back to some of the past elections. Everywhere there was a leading figure. Both in 1998 and 1999, Vajpayee was the face of NDA camp. 2004 was hijacked by ‘India Shining’ campaign along with Vajpayee-Advani face values. Congress's campaigns too were on expected lines. The projection is, what they have already delivered, what more is in the store. The sycophancy amongst Congress workers surrounding Sonia and Rahul is as old as Gandhi-Nehru family dominance. Yet, this election is termed as different. Yes, it is different from another perspective. If ‘Ab ki bar, Modi Sarkar’ becomes a reality, to many, it will be the biggest dent on democratic process, simply because of Gujarat Genocide of 2002. Though, in one of the cases the Supreme Court of India gave him a clean chit, but his ‘involvement’ (direct or indirect in whatever manner it may be) in the Genocide is beyond doubt as it is widely believed. Had he become the Prime Minister of the country, it would definitely defeat the purpose of democracy. But some believe, an incident which took place 12 years back, there’s no issue crying over that. Modi had won Gujarat 3 times after that, his ‘development model’ had become the most talked about thing, so what’s wrong in giving him a chance? Actually, everyone should be provided a level playing platform. Now, let’s explore the Congress camp. This is going to be Rahul Gandhi’s acid test, for the first time though. So long, he has been second fiddle to Sonia Gandhi. This is the first time when Rahul is leading the party from front. If he fails, his political acumen will be questioned. Not only that, the sycophancy surrounding the Nehru-Gandhi family can put to rest. Though at a later stage Priyanka Gandhi has taken the mantle of campaigning for her mother and brother, but whether the Dynasty Daughter can save the front, will be closely watched. The other question, which ought to be come to your mind is, the performance of the Regional Satraps. Be it TMC or AIDMK, BSP, SP, JDU, RJD, no one knows whether the key to Loksabha formation will be held any of them.If the poll-stars are to be believed the 'Mad Sister'(Mamata-Mayawati-Jayalalitha) can have edge over others. But others cannot be written off as well. Indian election is as uncertain as cricket match. Even if the pollstars are projecting Modi Wave and pulling down congress to double digit, still nothing could be said. Both in 2004 and 2009, opinion polls and exit polls had gone horrendously wrong, so have to wait for the mandate of Janta Janardan. Predicting a Hung Parliament might not be an exaggeration. The feeling is managing 200+ seats for any alliance will be difficult. The other thing is the 'Har Har Modi...' campaign. Is is as inflated as the India Shining or is it reflecting the mind of the Indian voters? Just a fortnight to go... the mandate will put to rest everything.

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