Sunday, 19 December 2010

God of All Things: TONdulkar!

24th April, 1973!
37 years back The God was born… Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!
Lovingly called as ‘5 feet something’, he achieved the Everest with ease! Reaching new heights in all of the calendar years have become his habit. I don’t want to go into the mega statistics of his cricketing genius, but all I know that I am lucky that I am seeing a ‘performing God’ for last 22 years!!
In this ever-changing world, the Constant is Sachin Tendulkar! He made us cry, laugh, scream… Every Indian thinks him as his family member! Indeed a ‘Bharat Ratna!’ Though when is he going to get that, no body knows!!
And why I am calling him God over and again? Simply because I am an atheist and believers say, God makes ‘impossible’ to ‘possible!’ and I am watching Sachin is achieving unimaginable milestones by crushing our fears of ‘impossible!’
Experts are there to give their opinions, all I know is (50+46) tons are nothing for the Run-Machine!!
After all, God is the maker of his own Destiny! He has made his own, so of ours… To me, you are ‘the God of All things!’

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