Friday, 29 October 2010


What is success? Is it really a relative term or certain common attributes are already embedded in it? When can an individual be called successful?
The simplest answer is: when an individual becomes well-known coupled with fame and money, we call him successful! Though this is not even near to the definition of success, still this is the most accepted and used phrase while discussing success.
A poor boy’s educational excellence, a physically challenged person’s professional achievement, beating all kinds of hostile situations and keep going, all are success. But these success stories are generally interpreted as ‘different story!’
In this era of Glocalisation, success means money and status!! If you are an achiever but not with enough money or status, you will still be looked as a very common person!
When can an Individual call himself successful? Now comes the psychological traits and behavioural pattern and individual perspective. One might not think himself successful even if he is a millionaire. He may define it from a sociological point of view and can find other than earning money, he is a complete failure! Outsiders may think in reverse.
Successful persons generally show attitude (there are few exceptions though!) He will continuously remind his subordinates that he is ‘who’s who’ either in a subtle way or in a style of direct hit!! They are very good image-builder and knows how to find a place in everyone’s good book and maintain ‘friendly’ image. They take very calculative steps in every situation, be it helping people, doing his normal job, and even in maintaining ‘friendship’ on networking sites!
But do we really want these kinds of successful people. The answer is no. As a person climbs up a social ladder, he must widen his view and he will be more and more open in receptivity. Subordinates count rise with every promotion he gets. So unless his feet are not strongly on the ground, it will be difficult for him to reach the zenith…
So, beware all the successful… throw away pompousness and sense of pride and embrace the attitude “I am one of you’, you will be successful both internally and externally.
This is tough but not impossible!

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