Friday, 1 October 2010

When Myth Becomes Reality

Yesterday was a very different day. No, not because Allahabad High Court pronounced the verdict on the Ayodhya Title Suit, but for a larger issue.

It was around 2.30, my mother who came back early from her office rang me. ‘Hey try to come early, vehicles are off the road, relatively empty streets....’ I was a bit surprised that why was she telling that!

Yeah, it’s anybody’s guess. The Verdict was about to come out and she was anxious of post verdict scenario.

I laughed on my own, why we are the common people who have several other engagements are getting so terrified. What’s the issue? Are we losing faith on ourselves? Are we becoming vulnerable to some ‘emotional atyachar?’

In the ‘Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid’ suit, Lord himself was a litigant. And Court has accepted that. European Epic heroes find place in the literature, folk culture, theatre and our Epic heroes become the litigants!!

Can it be called the triumph of the judiciary? Has it really answered the historical aspects of the Mandir-Masjid debate? Archaeological Survey of India in the past has confirmed the ‘existence of a non-Islamic structure at the disputed site upon which Babri Masjid was built!’ But whether the ‘non-Islamic’ structure was naturally destroyed or it had been demolished, that question remained unanswered even in yesterday’s verdict.

The History is lost in interpretation. Religion won to a great extent. Politics got a strong footing to some extent.

For the time being Status Quo needs to be maintained. Another Judicial proceeding about to take off in the Supreme Court. Apparently it seems no party won!

But the biggest winner is MYTH itself. Where Judiciary adjudicates the birth place of Ram Lalla! The age-old belief of crores of Indians has been upheld by the Allahabad High Court. The legend of Ram has now legal acceptance!

8000-page verdict gave some relief to a part of Bharat. But does India have any interest in it or it’s just another news/headlines to them? It seems so. Many didn’t bother; they are more busy with (UN) Common Wealth Games, Naxal Menace, India-Aus Cricket, Bull run in the Share Market etc. Ram-Rahim makes no difference.

Politicians apprehended some unrest in post verdict phase. The example of which has been prominent on the street yesterday. As of now everything is as expected. Resilient India. Communal Harmony at its best.

The eternal rhythm of India-the secularism is out-an-out winner.

Myth over the reality has won in the Courtroom, Reality won Over the Myth on the streets of India!

India is indeed moving... and in a positive direction!


annie said...

politicians were apprehensive...yes...but they are the instigators...and about the verdict...why should judiciary deliver a politically correct verdict? the demolition of the central dome of babari masjid was not even condemned for once...and can belief be a ground to base a judgement on? if one fine morning i raid your house believing that it was inherited by my ancestor will that be legal? so, Hindus can now raid or demolish any mosque and claim the they believe that it is the birthplace of some deity and their claims will be accepted? i just don't know...

Debadeep said...

Let sleeping dogs lie