Thursday, 11 November 2010

Happy Birthday, IIMC!!

Pandit Nehru was a great visionary and one of his dreams had got shapes in form of Indian Institute of Management. Though, he wanted to create ‘able managers’ from IIMs to run the nation-state and now the brand IIM is a buzz word in the arena of Investment Banks & Consultancies!
On November 14, IIM Calcutta, the oldest among its peer group will complete its 49th year and will step into 50. Presumably, the campus is getting into its birthday attires! Now, talk of the campus is about ‘slot 0’ only as the Summer placement is in full swing, still the Birthday boy is getting some attention!
In a small gathering today, IIMC Director Dr. Sekhar Chaudhuri has told that 14th November will see the commencement of two-year long celebration of IIMC’s Golden Jubilee! Chains of events will follow! Dean of the institute, Prof. Saugata Ray admitted that very hurriedly everything has been arranged, so probably many have been left out in the process, but in coming two years every single person of the institute(current or retired) will feel they too are part of the occasion!
But, is it true that all the employees of the institute are equally excited about the Golden Jubilee celebration? How much students are enjoying? What about the large section of non-teaching staffs?
Many staffs are felt left out as they got to know only yesterday! Due to lack of time, there won’t be any events by the students and a huge section of the employees were not even aware whether they have been invited! What make me even more surprised is that the institution doesn’t have any record of its ex-employees before 1980s! No, I am little wrong. The record is there, but that has not been kept in a systematic manner, so the Dean himself has admitted his ‘inability’ to get even half of the contacts of the ex-employees!
And I must admit, I also belonged to the same league of ‘left out’ until a small speech of Prof. Anup Sinha awakens me! He told, “Keu keu abhiman korechhen’’ (some became very sentimental) as they were left out! They got the invitation by a notice. But it’s like our family, so you also have to come on your own. This is the occasion of your family!” This made me feel different. Suddenly, I also realized I am also a part of this august institution! Till date, I thought of myself as a ‘mercenary’ for various reasons. I am still that, I know, but still a sense of pride too is there. I am welcomed in the Golden Jubilee of the institute! Prof. Sinha has assured that, everyone is welcome (I had a strong doubt whether contractual staffs are part of the celebration).
Critics may say, the programme could have been on a large scale. This could be planned differently by bringing out memoirs, crafting mementos, involving students in a better way etc. But sometimes, we do celebrate the birthdays of family members in a very homely atmosphere, and partying and grandeur celebrated at a later date!
So, IIMC has taken the same route. By unveiling a logo on 14th it will commence the journey of 2-year-long celebration. Dean is dreaming of making the event not only a grand success, but also a trend setter which other IIMs will follow during their Golden Jubilee Celebration!
Let’s give a definite shape to his Dream, no, not only his dream, that’s our dreams too!
Happy Birthday IIM Calcutta… you rock as always!

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