Saturday, 6 November 2010

My Friend

I used to know a girl who was bitterly honest, jolly, witty, charming, friendly, and caring! You might not call her ‘happy-go-lucky’, but she used to be her own person! Smile never disappeared from her lips!
She had her little universe. To others, it seemed like a heap of useless things, such as few pictures of her secret crush, childhood heroes, paper-cuttings, diaries, books, pens!! But to her, it was the most sought-after place where she used to spend time with herself.
She didn’t have any friend, sorry, true friend. She used to share her sorrow, joy, success, failure with herself only! She was her best friend. Through a mirror, she asked several questions to herself, for some she had got the answers but the huge chunk remained unanswered.
That Dreamy-eyed, slender looking girl was never an achiever per se. Though, she was good at studies. One day she had got her dream job and just the time she had started to bloom, she was thrown into the weeds! What to do, after an infighting with herself, she called it quits!
Now the other episode began. Her employers in the second office were even worse. To make the work done, they were so nice to her but whenever she had asked for even littlest of the help, they never lend a hand. Her soft and emotional attitude by then was widely known! Her hardworking nature made her popular publicly but actually was a matter of joke in private circuits! People took several advantages of her soft nature. She was taken for granted in almost everything! She understood everything at first go, but was so unfortunate that she was not able to do anything! Whoever she had trusted anyone, that had surfaced as Himalayan Blunder!
She was actually very lonely. Reclusive.
At one point in time, she considered herself a very strong, tough, confident girl. She used to tell, “For me sky is the limit & I will reach there!” Instead she had drowned into the ocean: Ruined from both inside and outside. Her second employers have gifted this to her, they made her belief, ‘You are nothing but a worthless girl! You know nothing!’
She called herself a ‘loser!’ Tears were her only companion for a long time! Now she is busy in the other world… Last night, she bade goodbye to all and forever!!
Take care friend. You are an out-an-out winner, atleast to me!

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