Monday, 8 November 2010

Mr. President: Yes, We CAN!!

‘Dream a huge, big and a gigantic dream!’ The first lady of USA has asked the generation Y of India. She knows the power of dream. Her dream, sorry, their dream has given them a new residence at White House: The dream ‘Yes, we can!’
So the dream merchants are now in India: Mr. Barack Hussain Obama and Ms. Michelle Obama. They are selling different kinds of dream in a packaged form. Though, these dreams cannot have any Freudian connotation but diplomatic and political inclination with a touch of Real Politik!
America’s dream of retaining its ‘economic superpower’ status had been shattered due to the recession which was as bad as 1930’s Great Depression but the effect was more on than the ‘30s! The rate of unemployment in USA in October, 2010 is alarmingly high! In every second day many employees are getting pink slips.
This year only, 141 American banks have been shut down, surpassing the worst period of recession! According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, this failure would cost $254 million! To stabilize the national economy, just before President Obama’s visit to India, US Federal Reserve announced that it would purchase the government securities worth $600 billion. In last quarter US Economy’s growth rate was 2%!
So, quite expectedly America has to strengthen its business ties with India as ‘natural ally’. And Mr. President has come here exactly for that reason. Just think about his contingent, 300 CEOs! It seems like the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America has arrived!! He has already announced $10 billion trade deals which would create 54000 jobs in America. Economists estimate, to combat the unemployment rate, US needs to create atleast 3 lakhs jobs per month. Thus, it’s a tiny step only!!
For the first time ever, an US president has admitted that “"There (in USA) still exists a caricature of India as a land of call centers and back offices that cost American jobs. That's a real perception." He emphasized on dismissing this ‘old stereotypes’ in order to create jobs, growth and higher living standards for both the countries! The President wants India must lift barriers on certain sectors in relation to foreign investments! (namely retail and others). USA wants the Indian market to sell, he stated that while answering a question by a Mumbai college student.
America is no more the largest economy; it is struggling to fight unemployment and financial bankrupt situation. So, it needs newer market, by whatever means. Just think, an US president is openly admitting standing in a third world country that, “Now because of the rise of India, China and Brazil and some other nations, there is a real competition out there and potentially healthy. This is keeping the US on its toes, because I feel we still can compete." USA, once the monopoly of the economic activities, is now talking about creating a ‘win-win’ situation to sell products to Asian markets and openly admitting the threat from so-called poor nations (barring China ofcourse!).The president is again dreaming of prosperous USA.

And what one section of Indian media is doing? They are simply analyzing that why Obama is not coming out on Pakistan’s terror issue! Why would he do that? First of all, as long as Pakistani terror outfits are there that would help USA to sell sophisticated weapons, war jets to them, especially when their war-market is shrinking! Pakistan would give them similar amount of business, could be more than India in coming days. Pakistan is still limping to have a stable political and economic order, if USA lends them a helping hand (it is doing that), they would grab every single opportunity, much of USA’s interest! So why spoiling a stable relationship?

Moreover, he stated that Islam is a peaceful religion, Jehadis are giving a bad name to it. Rightly so! Thus, Pakistan is not a terror state but it’s not that quick on terror issue. It’s a subtle message to Pakistan as well that, ‘big brother is watching!’ How could a section of Indian media even thought of that Obama would call ‘Pakistan a terrorist state’ like the Indians do? Even I believe, Pakistan is not a terrorist state, peace-loving people live there too, though they are minority!
So, the way Politically, diplomatically and Economically Obama needs to deliver, he has delivered exactly on the expected lines!
Obama, otherwise a damn smart and young President is here to save his country, financially. His charm, easygoing attitude, spending time with underprivileged kids, interaction with the students are just fine! Michelle has become a star by her candour! But how could we forget the post he holds presently? May be he is a far better orator and administrator(?) than the erstwhile president George W Bush, but his policies are on the lines of US imperialism. He himself has admitted that. In his words, “I actually think that the US has an enormous partner in India probably because we have so many Indian Americans, because of the shared values that we have. India is going to be a critical partner with US in the 21st century. That was true when George Bush was President and that was true when Clinton was President. I don't think our firm belief is going to alter in a significant way.”
If you carefully read between the lines, the underneath message will come out that USA’s foreign policy is not changing. And USA knows India’s rightist governments’ love for them!
Yes, Mr. President we are also dreaming big with you, though a slightly different one! USA is bidding goodbye to its imperialism and a new world order is gradually taking place. The harbinger of the CHANGE, we believe, yes, we the Indians, CAN!
Enjoy, incredible India!!

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